Picture above by Stefan Bladh: Syrians crossing the Orontes river between Turkey and Syria on a winter day, by trying to follow a ford in the river.

I moderate debates and seminars, often in English. / Jag modererar samtal i olika sammanhang. Här är några exempel:

2017: Profiles of the Missing – with International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP)

Profiles of the Missing – ICMP



Talking with Loretta Napoleoni about her new book Merchants of Men – eller på svenska: Kidnappningsindustrin (Fri Tanke) 


UNRWA - 67 Years of Humanitarian Support to Palestine Refugees

With UNRWA's General Commissioner Pierre Krähenbühl, at Stockholm University. Arranged by Stockholm Association of International Affairs (@UFStockholm) and Swedish Institute of International Affairs (@UISweden). October 2016.

Building Blocks of Justice – Women's Empowerment and Strengthening Rule of Law in Syria.

A discussion at the Almedalen Week with Bassem al-Kuwatli, head of RMTeam; Raheb Alwany, representing NGO network Badael; Lena Ag, secretary general of Kvinna till kvinna; and Leif Stenberg, head of Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University.

Internationella kvinnodagen. Tema: Kriget mot kvinnorna.

Arr: Re:Orient. På Kulturhuset i Stockholm.

På bilden fr v: Statssekreterare Ulrika Modéer (MP), Birgitta Ohlsson (L), Amineh Kakanaveh (V), grundare av Varken hora eller kuvad, jag själv och Re:Orients Cecilia Hörnell-Sunar. 

På bilden fr v: Statssekreterare Ulrika Modéer (MP), Birgitta Ohlsson (L), Amineh Kakanaveh (V), grundare av Varken hora eller kuvad, jag själv och Re:Orients Cecilia Hörnell-Sunar. 

With the Laureates in the Swedish parliament. Photo: Per Luthander.

With the Laureates in the Swedish parliament.

Photo: Per Luthander.

In the Swedish Parliament: Moderated a discussion with the Olof Palme Laureates, the Palestinian pastor Mitri Raheb from Bethlehem and Gideon Levy, well known profile of Haaretz, who has been covering life in the occupied Palestinian territories for the last 30 years. The picture is taken during the prize ceremony – in the same old Chamber where late PLO chairman Yassir Arafat expressed his support for a two state solution in December 1988 (which was breaking news then). Arafat's announcement paved the way for the Olso process, which was supposed to lay the foundation for a Palestinian state by 1999. Yet the two state solution still is a distant day dream.

Mitri Raheb's argues that it's too late for a two state solution now, due to illegal settlements on the West Bank, and too early for a one state solution. Gideon Levy suggests that the international community calls for equal right for all – regardless of their ethnic or religious background – between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. 

Read Mitri Raheb's speech on this link.

Check Olof Palme Foundation website for more updates.


The State of the Middle East: A broader perspective for a resolution to the conflict

On the occasion of the launch of the third edition of the SIPRI Director Dan Smith's book The State of the Middle East, I moderated a conversation with him at The Museum of the Mediterranean in Stockholm, on 20 January 2016.



A Rude Awakening: Turkey, the Kurds and the Islamic state.

A discussion with professor Umut Özkırımlı, expert on Turkey at Center for Middle East Studies at Lund University. This was part of series of talks on the Middle East – Fokus Mellanöstern – in joint cooperation between Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm; Re:Orient and several universities. A recording of our talk will soon follow. 

Vad vet vi egentligen om islam?

Ett samtal med Leif Stenberg, Lunds universitet, och Simon Sorgenfrei, Södertörns högskola i Re:Orients och Medelhavmuseets serie Fokus Mellanöstern

Loretta Napoleoni on stage at Nalen, Stockholm

Loretta Napoleoni on stage at Nalen, Stockholm

Interview with the author Loretta Napoleoni about her book The Islamist Phoenix. Title of Swedish translation: Islamiska staten (Fri Tanke, 2015). This hour long talk can be seen here on Swedish television. 


My previous discussion with professor Umut Özkırımlı was as held this at Medelhavsmuseet:

Turkey at a Crossroad, Quo vadis? (Turkiets vägval). Organized by Re:Orient, Södertörns högskola, Centrum för Mellanösternstudier vid Lunds universitet and Världskulturmuseerna.

In 2014:

At Yemeni Salon and Bio Rio in Stockholm with the Oscars nominated director Sara Ishaq, after the screening of her documentary film Karama has no Walls.

At the International conference of the Church of Sweden in Karlstad (Världens fest), with Elsy Wakil, director of WSCF ( World Student Christian Federation), about Being Young and Christian in the Middle East.

In 2013:

At the Swedish Institute of Foreign Affairs, on the Rule of Law in Libya and Tunisia.

På Bokmässan i Göteborg med den enastående författaren, orientalisten och kulturjournalisten Sigrid Kahle och hennes sista kärlek i livet, författaren Carl-Göran Ekerwald

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