Bitte Hammargren – skribent och Mellanösternanalytiker, NU PÅ FOI.

I Mellanöstern, Nordafrika och Turkiet utspelas geopolitiska maktspel, humanitära tragedier, fruktansvärda krig – och mänskliga stordåd. Efter många år som Mellanösternkorrespondent för Svenska Dagbladet bevakade jag under ett par år denna turbulenta region som frilans, bland annat genom att skriva boken Gulfen: En framtida krutdurk (Leopard förlag 2014, med en 2:a utgåva 2015).

Våren 2016 startade jag Utrikespolitiska institutets (UI:s) publicistiskt oberoende nättidning Utrikesmagasinet. 2017 blev jag ledare för UI:s Mellanöstern- och Nordafrikaprogram, och var samtidigt fortsatt ansvarig utgivare för Utrikesmagasinet. Jag har även arbetat som rådgivare för Svenska institutet. Sommaren 2018 övergick jag till FOI, Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut, som Mellanösternanalytiker.

ANALYST AT FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency

Geopolitical power games, immense human tragedies, revolutions and wars, deep rooted cultures and civilizations, incredible bravery against brutal repression – these are things you find in Turkey, Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). During 2001–2012 I was the Turkey and MENA correspondent for the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet. For three years, 2013–2015 I covered the region as free lance reporter, analyst, blogger and writer, while also writing a book about the GCC states (in Swedish).

In 2016 I started a new position as the editor of a new online magazine, at the Swedish Institute for International Affairs (UI). In 2017 I became the head of UI's Middle East & North Africa Program. I also worked as an advisor to the government agency The Swedish Institute on MENA issues. In mid-2018 I moved on to a new position as an analyst at the Asia and Middle East Program at FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency. 

If time allows I moderate seminars, give lectures and write for other media. More information, some in English, can be found on this site. 

twitter: @bitteham

The picture above, from the Gezi protests in Turkiet in 2013, as well as many other major pictures on this site, are taken by the great photo journalist and friend Stefan Bladh, who has been my trusted travel companion to many places. For the illustration to my blog, I am indebted to another travel companion, the Lebanese photo journalist Fadi Yeni Turk who contributed with a picture from the Green Mountains in Libya. We reported from Libya’s turbulent revolution in April 2011 and many other places in the Middle East, including Iraqi Kurdistan and Lebanon.

Pictures below are taken by myself, or my husband Per Luthander, during journeys in Turkey, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Palestine, Jordan and Armenia. 

Foto: Stefan Bladh

Foto: Stefan Bladh